Districts: 17
Population: 152,500 (human; minorities: arden, dwarf, fenodyree)

Economy: 281
Loyalty: 244
Stability: 235

Corruption: 54
Crime: 33
Law: 45
Lore: 16
Productivity: 133
Society: 54
Defense: 46


Buildings: 1 academy, 1 alchemist, 1 arena, 2 banks, 4 barracks, 4 black markets, 2 breweries, 10 bridges, 3 bureaus, 2 castle towers, 1 castle, 1 cathedral (Baiperus), 21 cisterns, 2 dance halls, 14 dumps, 3 foreign quarters, 1 foundry, 2 garrison, 34 granaries, 15 graveyards, 12 guildhalls, 2 herbalists, 3 hospitals, 85 houses, 31 inns, 3 jails, 2 libraries, 1 luxury shop, 1 magic shop, 12 mansions, 1 market, 1 menagerie (CR 2), 1 military academy, 2 mills, 1 mint, 1 monastery ( working ), 3 monuments, 4 noble vistas, 5 orphanages, 1 palace, 12 parks, 23 shops, 3 shrines ( working ), 19 smithies, 17 stables, 11 stockyards, 5 tanneries, 37 taverns, 2 temples (Eadiac, Zenaket), 65 tenements, 2 theaters, 1 town hall, 31 trade shops, 6 watch towers, and 10 waterways

Enhancements: 18 city walls, 6 paved streets, and 18 sewer systems

Magic Items: lesser quicken metamagic rod, wand of cure moderate wounds x34, headband of inspired wisdom +2, scroll of magic weapon, protection from arrows (black market #1); potion of protection from energy, electricity, +1 scale mail, eversmoking bottle, scroll of create water, calm animals (black market #2); luck blade with 1 wish, +2 scale mail with armor spikes of improved shadow, scroll of hypnotic pattern, horseshoes of a zephyr (black market #3); +3 blowgun of speed, +4 studded leather of spell resistance 15, scroll of detect poison, boots of striding and sprinting (black market #4); manual of quickness in action +3, belt of dwarvenkind, dark blue rhomboid ioun stone, elixir of fire breathing, elixir of tumbling, gray bag of tricks, pipes of haunting (magic shop); potion of arcane lock (shrine #1); scroll of deathwatch (shrine #2); oil of bless weapon (shrine #3); unguent of timelessness, +3 blowgun darts x10, wand of magic stone x24, headband of inspired wisdom +2, bracer of armor +2 (castle tower #1); +2 leather, bracer of armor +5, +2 dart, +1 banded mail, potion of enlarge person (castle tower #2); +1 heavy mace, +1 chain shirt (military academy); scarlet and dark blue sphere ioun stone, potion of greater magic fang, potion of stabilize, poison, potion of cat’s grace (cathedral to Baiperus); potion of goodberry (alchemist); potion of virtue (herbalist #1); cloak of elvenkind (herbalist #2); scroll of owl’s wisdom, diminish plants, scroll of inflict serious wounds, scroll of animal messenger, scroll of shatter, ray of exhaustion, scroll of summon monster I (academy); potion of reduce person, potion of shillelagh (temple to Eadiac); potion of shillelagh, +1 leather (temple to Zenaket); bag of holding type III, ring of mind shielding (luxury shop); pipes of haunting, bracers of armor +2 (market)

General Description

Khabar, Ael Khar’s grand city, is the hub of trade for all of Orton. The city caters to those people who travel through it. Near everything is for sale and the shops are abundant. Khabar is one of the most likely places to find an artifact or relic for sale. Its black markets are legendary.

Inhabitants of this city typically worship Baiperus. They believe that their city is far greater than any other on Thepa, and show this belief through lavishly enriching their multitudes of parks, waterways, and enhancements. They have spared nothing. This guilty pleasure is rooted deeply in Khabar’s limited resource of water. They are unable to expand their population, so they spend their money in other ways.

Khabar no longer grows in size; rather it stockpiles its gold seeking alternative ways to spend it. Currently, the city is commissioning explorers to travel north investigating the far reaches of the desert. Unfortunately, very few trailblazers return and those who have are empty handed. Khabarian interest to explore farther into their homeland is waning.

The city now considers other financial possibilities. Khabar’s leaders are debating the usage of their massive bank roll to search for mines in the nearby mountains or even to purchase an area from one of the two neighboring world powers. They have even considered an exploration of the volatile ocean to the south. All potential choices would be out of reach for most countries, but Ael Khar is not just any country. They are unreasonably rich.

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