Large City
Districts: 3
Population: 23,500 (human; minorities: arden, fenodyree)

Economy: 46
Loyalty: 31
Stability: 27

Corruption: 11
Crime: 7
Law: 8
Lore: 3
Productivity: 19
Society: 11
Defense: 4


Buildings: 1 bank, 2 barracks, 1 black market, 1 brewery, 1 bureau, 3 cisterns, 1 dump, 1 foreign quarter, 3 graveyards, 1 guildhall, 20 houses, 6 inns, 1 jail, 1 mansion, 1 market, 1 park, 4 shops, 2 shrines (Eadiac, Zenaket), 2 smithies, 4 stables, 2 stockyards, 6 taverns, 1 temple (Baiperus), 10 tenements, 1 theater, and 6 trade shops

Enhancements: 3 sewer systems

Magic Items: elven chain, +1 full plate of shadow, _+1 arrows x20, oil of animate rope (black market); potion of hide from animals (shrine to Zenaket); belt of incredible dexterity (shrine to Eadiac); 1st level pearl of power, universal solvent (market); potion of hide from undead, elemental gem (temple to Baiperus)

General Description

Ladkaat is a prosperous city on the western border of Garron, one of many Kossuth commonwealths. It connects to the eastern highway of Ael Khar to Khabar. Ladkaat is part of the desert kingdom and is one of the safest places in Ael Khar. But do not be fooled, corruption and crime exist even here.

For Kossuth, the inability to oversee a region is difficult to manage. It does not have direct control over the justice of the local magistrate, so many criminals get away with things that would never fly in the holy empire. On the other hand, Ael Khar loves this arrangement. They are able to manipulate Ladkaat’s government to fit their needs, yet Ael Khar does bend to Kossuth’s will from time-to-time.

Incidents of greater importance to the holy empire must be delicately handled. Kossuth is only so tolerant of Ael Khar’s shenanigans. If a time every came in which Kossuth’s pride was truly injured, Ael Khar would rue the day. The righteous legions of Kossuth would lay waste to this small kingdom.

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