Large City
Districts: 3
Population: 22,000 (human; minorities: arden, fenodyree)

Economy: 41
Loyalty: 30
Stability: 22

Corruption: 11
Crime: 7
Law: 7
Lore: 3
Productivity: 18
Society: 10
Defense: 4


Buildings: 1 bank, 2 barracks, 1 black market, 1 bureau, 2 cisterns, 1 dump, 1 foreign quarter, 3 graveyards, 1 guildhall, 1 herbalist, 10 houses, 6 inns, 1 jail, 1 orphanage, 3 shops, 2 shrines (Eadiac, Zenaket), 2 smithies, 4 stables, 2 stockyards, 6 taverns, 1 temple (Baiperus), 20 tenements, and 6 trade shops

Enhancements: 3 sewer systems

Magic Items: ring of mind shielding, pipes of haunting, ring of climbing, stone salve (black market); potion of magic stone (shrine to Eadiac); scroll of speak with animals (shrine to Zenaket); potion of cure light wounds (herbalist); carpet of flying, +1 sickle (temple to Baiperus)

General Description

Lokaat is Ael Khar’s most western city. It connects Tamarack to the seaport of Garron and the dwarven stronghold of Jord Myhre. Ael Khar struggles a bit with this city.

Lokaat’s graveyards are raided for Tamaracki replacement workers in the northwest. As such, many of the locals no longer bury their relatives in Lokaat. They pay to have their deceased transported to Khabar for secure, safe resting spots.

Nevertheless, the city is doing well. It has recently grown into a three district city and appears to be expanding rapidly. The village folk are even building a new cistern to support the growing population.

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