Large City
Districts: 2
Population: 10,750 (human; minorities: arden)

Economy: 9
Loyalty: 15
Stability: 10

Corruption: 8
Crime: 5
Law: 5
Lore: 2
Productivity: 17
Society: 6
Defense: 6


Buildings: 1 barracks, 1 bureau, 1 cistern, 1 dump, 2 granaries, 3 graveyards, 2 houses, 1 inn, 1 jail, 1 shop, 1 shrine (Baiperus), 1 smithy, 1 stable, 4 taverns, and 20 tenements

Enhancements: 4 city walls

Magic Items: hand of the mage (shrine to Baiperus)

General Description

Rhallaen is a city created for a single purpose to mine the minerals from the salt flats that lie in the southern Kaer Desert. The raw minerals are worth very little gold until refined so Ael Khar transports them to their capital city to be processed. It is not only easier to control the refinement in Khabar, but the meager value of the unprocessed resource dissuades brigands from attacking shipments, one less thing for the city to spend money on.

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