In the beginning dwarves, elves, and humans were created. They were granted both divine and arcane magic. Due to several significant factors, arcane magic managed to dictate the path of an adolescent world.

As millennia passed, a lineage of arcane masters populated and eventually dominated a fledgling world they named Thepa. The blossoming power of young deities waned as they became needless to this virgin world. People marveled at themselves and the world they created, a fleeting moment in paradise. Time has a way of changing perspective.

Before long, the leaders of the Eluen-cuthpar grew bored. Krulean, the Eluen-cuthpar’s concurrent leader, instituted an edict of experimentation and observation relating to the transmutation of all things known to man. Conscious of popular belief, he decided to keep the organization’s work a confidential affair, composed of only three others.

At first only minor objects like wood and rock were evaluated yet the results were phenomenal – or so it would seem. Falsely convinced by inaccurate data, Krulean apprised more of his brethren on his edict, believing they would embrace the effort. Most did. Regrettably, a vital few did not and Pandora’s Box opened.

The news spread like wildfire. The populous was surprisingly behind this new undertaking. They were greedy for improvements to their already perfect world and never questioned the "should"’s. Unfortunately, a small slice of the populace did not agree with their kin and a ripple occurred.

Years passed and the Eluen-cuthpar’s limited enterprise grew in malcontent so they began testing plants, animals, and even humanoids. The further the leadership probed the less support they received. Slow at first, people began to experience nightmares and visions of their doom. Eventually societies witnessed omens. With all the warnings, Krulean would not desist in his goal of reshaping the world.

Near the end of this glorious age, many people felt a sense of morale abandonment, even suggested it. Thepa was outraged. People turned to their once forsaken gods believing the world was going to be punished for the “abominations” created. They prayed for penance and begged for atonement. Sadly, it was too late. The ripple had grown into a globally catastrophic tsunami. The nightmares conceived by mankind’s own mind came to pass.

A rift from the Feywyld delivered the storm. Terrifying serpents bent on consuming and destroying Thepa flew out of the breach and unleashed hell on the world. For twenty-seven long years the races fought this war and for twenty-seven years the races were losing it. A previously unacceptable option became paramount to the end of the war. It was believed this choice would utterly destroy man and dragon alike. The knowledge of how it happened is lost but what followed is well known.

Man was able to close the rift but at a devastating cost. Five billion people on the planet instantly become 100 million, scattered by an apocalyptic shift of Thepa’s magnetic poles. Magic became unstable, even deadly. Most people stopped using it. All struggled to just survive. People flocked to water and prayed to the gods. Attrition from the following years dipped the world’s population totals below three million for the entire planet. Many civilizations simply die out.

Thousands of years have passed. The world is oblivious to what once was. Incomplete stories and legends are all they have yet people are finally on solid footing again. They are moving out of the Iron Age and discovering new forms of magic as the arcane instability has long since passed. Communities are growing stronger and expanding. The old lands must be discovered and conquered once again. Now is the time of the wanderer and the hunter, the mercenary and the hero. Now is the time of you, the adventurer…

Enter Thepa