Ael Khar

Secret Syndicate
Chaotic Neutral
Population: 227,250 (human; minorities: arden, dwarf, fenodyree)
Size: 74 (~7030 sq. miles)
Settlements: Khabar (capital), Ladkaat, Lokaat, Rhallaen
Control DC: 119

Economy: 395
Loyalty: 331
Stability: 308

Fame: 23
Infamy: 11
Corruption: 8
Crime: 5
Law: 2
Lore: 2
Productivity: 17
Society: 6
Defense: 60

Unrest Increment: +0
Consumption: 97
Income: +3
Treasury: 1212

Promotion: aggressive
Taxation: heavy
Holidays: 1


Ruler: Lord Aaron Wellington
Councilor: Councilor Jordan “Joe” Tellsein
General: Commander Karg Trandpor
Grand Diplomat: Speaker Alyssa Lanthrop
High Priest: High Priestess Karen Hosentel
Magister: Magister Fran Peridot
Marshal: Lt. Commander: Fredrick P. Tolner
Royal Enforcer: The Fist Haren Arq
Spymaster: Spymaster Craig N. Rynell
Treasurer: City Treasurer Kaleb Hsentel

General Description

Ael Khar, the world’s leading salt producer, is a human country in the middle of the southern Kaer Desert. The Kaer and the mountain range surrounding it separate the world’s two great powers, Kossuth and Tamarack. The only pass through this barrier is the trade route of Ael Khar. Luckily for the desert kingdom, neither great power wish to fight on the sands. It is quite difficult to hold military positions and desert is generally inhospitable.

Ael Khar’s trade route is a managed highway that leads from Lokaat through Khabar and finally ending in Ladkaat. Many marauders find this road too prosperous to ignore. Arden scavenge throughout the desert but in greater numbers near the trade route because of comprehensive bands of human bandits. The brigands raid caravans and leave the excess to the ratfolk. To offset these attacks and loss of merchandise, guildhalls filled with mercenaries have been erected in Ladkaat, Lokaat, and Khabar. Hired escorts are big business in Ael Khar.

This country also manages a road to its prized possession Rhallaen, a mining city on the outskirts of an enormous salt flat. For various reasons this road does not require as much attention, though it is very important to Ael Khar’s prosperity. The resources mined are transported to their capital, Khabar, to be processed.

Khabar is the jewel of Ael Khar. Great pride has been put into making the capital beautiful. It is a sprawling metropolis that sits atop a plateau. A naturally occurring fresh-water lake rests at the plateau’s heart. It is used for irrigating farmland below and providing drinking water via canals throughout the city. The city’s sewage system dumps off the plateau to the north and is applied to farmland to create rich soil. Ael Khar has mastered renew, reuse, and recycling – something no other country can boast.

  • Alliances: Garron and Tamarack
  • Adversaries: none
  • Imports: grain, wood, metals
  • Exports: salt, lithium, various other minerals
  • Terrain type: desert (warm)
  • Precipitation: arid
  • Significant dangers: arden, giant scorpion, gnoll, heat exhaustion, human brigands, venomous snake

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Ael Khar

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