Item Changes

Consumables – Rations and water will not be tracked by PCs or the GM unless it is part of an encounter. Ammunition is tracked.

Starting Gold – Do not roll starting gold. Instead, maximize it.

Weapon Changes – A few changes to weapons have occurred to streamline game play and lessen the clutter of the weapons’ table.

1. Critical Hits – All simple weapons critical hit on a 20, while all martial weapons critical hit on a 19-20. Critical hits automatically confirm and do x2 damage.

2. Exotic Weapons – All of the exotic weapons and its category have been removed from the game except for the hand crossbow, net, and whip. All of these weapons have been added to the martial weapon list.

3. Simple Weapons – The heavy mace and the morningstar have been moved into the martial weapon class.

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Item Changes

Thepa Irranshalee