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Welcome to Thepa, a world of magic and adventure. We, as authors, would like to explain the pages that follow so you, as a GM or a player, have a better understanding of what resources are available and why these resources were built in their current fashion.

We did not want to arbitrarily drop a country here or have a deity pop up there without a back story, a purpose, and a reason for being. As such, we will be including a few links so you can fully appreciate the scope of the world you are about to delve into.

We wanted a planet that did not have high level characters already in it. We felt that the lower levels were far more entertaining than the final ten, which led us to the discovery of the Alexandrian. The article has done a wonderful job explaining the mechanics of 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons (what Pathfinder is based off of) and why the majority of our world will not be over level 3. Please review this article if you haven’t read it as we built Thepa based on Justin’s observations. The bulk of the humanoids in this campaign are 1st or 2nd level.

We also wanted to establish two things with arcane magic: a difficulty in buying magic items and the high possibility of discovering an artifact or relic. After all, why play a game without the prospect of a +5 Vorpal blade?

We feel the world prior to the apocalypse and the apocalypse itself has offered the perfect marriage of this vision. Though we have not gone into great detail on the past, rest assured that the authors have worked diligently to ensure logical and fully believable reasons for the current world. If you end up playing long enough in this campaign you may very well discover some of its secret history.

Most campaigns give broad general strokes when defining both races and deities. We felt an injustice occurred. As such, you will find detailed information on races and deities, including those little things that have made great impact to their respective topics. As for races, it is important to note that names have changed and in many instances the entire races may be completely different.

One other very important note, this campaign was written for the Pathfinder system, but can also be used with 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Anything that is specific to the Dungeons and Dragons system will be notated with an “DD”. Anything that is specific to the Pathfinder system will be notated with “PF”. Otherwise, everything that is not specified is to be included in either system.

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