List of Regions on Orten

Orton is the largest continent on Thepa and rightfully contains the highest population of humanoids. The continent is primarily temperate, though some sub-tropic and arctic areas are noticeable. The three largest geographical land shapes are the Kaer Desert, the Kaer Mountains, and the Moerg Forest.

The Kaer Desert is the longest desert known to man. The northern portion of the desert is rumored to be the home of the Feywyld rift as well as an ancient dragon, though proof of such has yet to be uncovered. The southern tip of Orton contains the merchant kingdom of Ael Khar, which controls the only safe (relatively) pass from east to west.

Connected to Ael Khar by a well traveled road is the kingdom of Jord Myhre, a booming dwarven stronghold. There are two other dwarven mines, Jord Karn and Jord Maerson, both of which are in the northern stretches of the Kaer Mountains. Neither is as productive as Jord Myhre.

Karn and Myhre sell to Tamarack but their combined supply is less than Tamarack demands. Meanwhile, Jord Maerson is located in a remote area south of the Moerg Forest, which is extremely difficult to reach. Only a few fenodyree travel to this mine. The quality of the metal far exceeds any other stock, yet the dangers are much too great for a standard route.

The elven kingdom of L’lyvenna is hidden on the eastern side of the Moerg Forest, though not much else is known about this country. Littered along the eastern side of Orton are various smaller countries, most seafaring folk, and the righteous kingdom of Kossuth.

Kossuth is a small group of islands near the subtropics, yet the mainland (which is actually two islands) is significant in size. They hold a vast amount of humanoids. This kingdom is considered the safest of all other countries, though safety comes at a cost. Kossuth has many laws and is known to be draconic at times with their punishments. Mistakes do happen.

The western portion of Orton holds the agricultural giant, Tamarack. The land is filled with neutral humanoids who believe in a freer sense of living. They utilize undead as tools to farm land and tidy homes. A few trivial island countries exist in the ocean here and seem to be on good terms with Tamarack, but a rogue nation of sea pirates, Xaul, exists far to the southwest. Tamarack has yet to curb the attacks of this pest on their southern border.

List of Regions on Orten

Ael Khar Braide Durst Forantine Tundra
Garron working Jord Karn Jord Maerson Jord Myhre
Khael’vendra Krowl Kossuth working Lessa
L’lyvenna Moerg Forest Porpari Isles Sandor
Taelsian Wilderness Tamarack working Ter’sai Trelb Lands
Vellune Lands working Wralt Xaul

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