Roleplaying Choices

When creating a PC, players should consider three very important aspects: game design, alignment, and roleplaying. These terms may seem familiar to you but they have very specific meanings for Thepa. Read on.

Of the three subjects to cover, game design is by far the most important to understand and accept. Thepa is a roleplaying game. The definition of a roleplaying game by Gary Gygax (one of our game’s forefathers) encompasses a design different from its predecessors such as Monopoly or chess. Roleplaying games incorporate teamwork. Players of this style join together to overcome obstacles; where as games such as Monopoly and chess pit players against one another. It is vital that the team play concept is fully accepted.

If you have not done so, read the section on alignment. It is important to understand exactly how evil, good, law, and chaos are defined. Most importantly is evil’s definition, which equates evil to self interest. By considering the facts that Thepa is a team oriented game and evil, at its core, is the antithesis of team, it is safe to assume that evil PCs have no place in Thepa.

And yet, evil still has a use for PCs, but only as a trait in roleplaying. Vices, as in life, affect most humanoids on Thepa. Small evils, quirks give characters personas with flavor and enrich the roleplaying experience. A player should never view good and evil as absolutes when roleplaying. A good alignment is someone who does more things for others than himself. It does not exclude doing things for himself. Altruism is rare.

Lastly, it is important to understand that your PC is not you. You should not play him as yourself. This is the most basic concept of “role” playing: to play a personality different from yourself. Roleplaying a personality different from yours can be difficult, maybe even impossible at times, but do not get frustrated. Separating yourself from your own personality is a skill that needs to be learned and developed over time. With practice you will find roleplaying comes easier to you and eventually you will be able to fully immerse yourself in another’s mind.


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Roleplaying Choices

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