Rule Changes

The following rule changes have explanations attached to them explaining how they have been changed. The few with links will go into greater detail as to why or how these changes are going to affect your characters. All rule changes were made to either simplify or balance game play.

Alignment – Major changes have happened to alignment. You will need to read further.

Attributes – Players will use the 25 point buy system.

Class Changes – Several changes have happened to the certain classes. You will need to read further.

     Barbarian      Cleric      Monk      Rogue      Swashbuckler

Death – A PC does not die from hit loss until one full round has transpired from losing his hit points and constitution score. This gives his party a short amount of time to save his life. The PC must be brought above his negative constitution score by the end of that round else he dies.

Detect MagicDetect Magic cannot be used to identify magical properties. It can only be used to find magical auras.

Hit Points – Hit points are calculated by one of two enhanced methods when leveling.

Item Changes – Several changes have occurred to items on Thepa. All players need to read this section.

Rulings – GM decisions during game play are ruled on the spot and not discussed until after the session.

Tenets – Tenets are the basis of a PC’s faith. Clerics and paladins pick a number of tenets from his deity’s tenet list. These choices are what a PC will be judged on to retain their divine powers.

Any additional changes or materials that you wish to use outside of the Core Rulebook and this list needs to be cleared by your GM. As a rule of thumb, if you are asking for a change that is going to give your character a mechanical advantage over other players, your GM will likely not rule in your favor. He is more apt to allow fluff requests, but it never hurts to ask.

OOP for the Time Being:

Encumbrance (Currently Not in Use) – Players will calculate encumbrance based on a stone system.

The Overland Round (Currently Not in Use) – The Overland Round is a house rule for movement created by Laurefindel and the original post can be found here.

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Rule Changes

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